Medium Now Allows Users to Import Email Addresses

Medium writers asked for this. Now, if you’re a Medium writer, you have more ways to communicate with your audience.
SIA Team
November 16, 2021

Almost everyone who’s an influencer, and/or has an audience, knows how important it is to keep in touch with that audience. 

And, the more options, the better. 

Yesterday (November 15th, 2021), I got an email in my inbox. It was from Medium, and presumably, sent to Medium writers. The email said that Medium had replied to peoples’ request: they were now allowing writers to import email addresses to their Medium email list. 

New: Not Just the Ability to Import Emails, but Also, New Audience Development Feature

Granted, though I am a writer on Medium, I currently don’t publish on that platform anymore. But yesterday’s email sparked my curiosity, so this morning, I went to Medium, clicked my profile picture, and clicked on Settings.

I saw that there was a feature that was tagged as new: Audience Development. This is where you can find the option to import or export email addresses. 

There’s also an option to Promote subscriptions. I’m not sure how new this is, but it’s new to me. With this option, Medium is basically like an email autoresponder. 

That is, people can subscribe to you, and when you publish, they receive an email. (But, I don’t think this is an option if you write for a publication that already has the publication newsletter feature. Click here for more details.)

This is very good news for those who want to build a following on Medium. That’s because communicating via email is a proven avenue for reaching your audience. And, instead of them having to remember to check Medium, now Medium can send them notifications on your behalf!