Bing Releases IndexNow Plugin For WordPress

Targeting Bing and Yandex users? Now there is an easier way to index new content and more. Introducing Bing's IndexNow Plugin for Wordpress.
Marie Aquino
January 6, 2022

Fast and easy indexing of pages is something that every SEO would love to have, and Microsoft has just released a WordPress plugin to make that possible.

However, as of this time, it only works with Bing and Yandex.

The plugin is called IndexNow and has been released over the holidays. It can be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

IndexNow allows the automated submission of URLs directly from the WordPress site to multiple search engines, without needing to register and verify your site with each.

The plugin automatically generates and hosts the API key on your site and detects when pages are created, updated, or deleted, and automatically submits the URL. This helps in making sure that the search engines always have the latest version of your site – new content, updates to content, etc.

As mentioned earlier, the plugin only works for Bing and Yandex, while Google is supposedly testing it out, as well. Do you think Google would eventually adopt the protocol? We hope so! That would make it so much faster and easier to index pages and with all the indexing issues we’ve had for the past months, it would be a dream come true for all of us SEOs.

Though it is only adopted by a few search engines for now, it could be a good plugin to add to your site, to reach Bing and Yandex users, and who knows, Google might also adopt it eventually.

Download the plugin at It also includes instructions on how to activate it on your site.