“Out Of Stock” Should Not Affect Rank

Worried that your products being out of stock can get you dropped out of search? Worry not, at least for organic search.
Marie Aquino
January 6, 2022

John Mueller was asked on Twitter if the stock level of products, or if products being “out of stock” affects rank for an ecommerce site or page.

Will a product being out of stock drop its ranking since people looking to purchase end up not being able to buy?

John answered that it seems unrelated when it comes to normal organic search results, however, he does not know how product search or Google shopping handles it.

He mentioned that it does not make much sense in terms of search and what difference would it make if there is one or 100 stocks available, or if you have a green widgets out of stock, while someone is searching for blue widgets.

He added that he can’t imagine how search engines or humans would want to use that for ranking. If the product being searched for is available, what does it matter if 90% of the catalog is out of stock?

Have run out of stock for your product and worried that it could get your listing dropped from search? Worry not, at least search listing wise. Though it is always good practice to always have enough stocks on your inventory. You could be losing sales and opportunities from not having enough.