Does Google Prefer .com Domains Over Other Domain Extensions?

Should you go for .com or can you go for the newer domain extensions like .space, .tech, .online, etc.? Does Google have a preference for domain extensions?
Marie Aquino
January 7, 2022

In an Ask Google Bot episode focusing on domains, John Mueller was asked if .com domains are better than any other domains. In particular, the user asked if they could use a .space domain.

Mueller responded that yes, he can definitely use a .space for his domain name and that newer top level domains are equivalent to other generic top level domains like .com, when it comes to search engine optimization. There are a lot of options out there now, when it comes to domain extensions and you can pick anything that you like.

In the SIA, we have tested different domain extensions and if there is indeed a preferred domain extension by Google. There has been various results, from .net, .com, .info, .org., even .me and .co. The last test we had on it, the .net won.

But this does not necessarily mean to go for .net or change your domain over to .net. While .net seems to have won that particular test, most still prefer to go for the .com, as it is more established, more common, and easier to remember, especially when targeting potential visitors and creating brand recall (url recall, for this matter).

There has been a lot of domain extensions that have come up over the years and choosing domain extension that fit your particular market and niche seems to have gotten more popular, nowadays.

With Mueller’s answer on how newer domain extensions are equivalent to generic top level domains, it gives you more options on which domain extensions to go for.

If you are targeting the newer generation, more hip crowd, the new domain extensions may be a good option, due to it being more catchy and different.

At the end of the day, it really depends on your preference and it all comes down to your content and how you do your SEO for your site.