Can Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) Names Rank Internationally?

Can you still show up and rank in global search results if you have a country code top level domain? John Mueller answers and gives a ccTLD limitation that you should definitely consider.
Marie Aquino
January 7, 2022

In an Ask Google Bot episode focusing on domains, John Mueller was asked if ccTLD or country code top level domain names can rank internationally. Mueller’s answer is yes, it can rank globally.

While a country-code domain name helps their systems to geotarget for that particular country for that ccTLD, it still allows global visibility.

However, there is a limitation in that you cannot specify to rank for other countries for geotargeting, that is different from your ccTLD.

As an example, a .fr website for France can be used globally, however it cannot explicitly geotarget another location, for example, users in Brazil.

The limitation he has mentioned is quite interesting cause if you think of it, it does limit you to your particular country and though you could rank and show up globally, targeting other locations can be a problem.

This may be something to consider, when choosing to go for a ccTLD or a more generic domain name extension, when it comes to targeting globally.

The next question is, which can rank better on a global scale, the generic .com, .co, .info, etc. domains or does ccTLD also stand a fair chance in ranking globally? What do you think? Maybe this is something we could test in the SIA!