Keyword Density, Not A Ranking Factor

There is varied opinion when it comes to Keyword Density. Some say it is, some say it is not. According to John Mueller, it is not a ranking factor.
Marie Aquino
January 8, 2022

Keyword density is how often an exact match keyword is used in the content, in relation to the total number of words on the page. It is often expressed in percentage.

It is believed that keyword density is a ranking factor. Those in the top spots are often analyzed, in order to get the average keyword density for that particular search term, which then serves as a baseline.

In an SEO Subreddit, someone asked if keyword is density is still a factor in 2021.

John Mueller responded with a one word “no”.

image 1

Mueller has always said that keyword density is not a ranking factor. In the SEO world, there are mix opinions regarding it – some say it is a ranking factor, while others say it is not. What do you think of it, based on your experience?

In the SIA, we have tested keyword density a couple of times and found that keyword density is a factor. Though with all the Google updates and changes that have happened this past year (2021), perhaps it is also time to revisit and retest.

Still, the use of keywords are important when it comes to the content of the page. You have to have your keywords in the content, in order to rank for it, at least that is what I assume, based on John Mueller’s answer in this particular article.

Keyword density? Is it in or is it out this 2022? Time to go back to our testing board.