Changes to Facebook’s Home Feed Could Boost Reach & Discoverability

Facebook now has two tabs for its home feed and this is advantageous for company sites and content producers.
SIA Team
July 23, 2022

Facebook’s home feed will now have two tabs: Home and Feed, according to Mark Zuckerberg, META CEO.

Facebook’s home feed updates may increase the number of people who see the users content and expose their company to new markets.

Facebook is focusing on helping users find new material through its main feed by providing them with tailored recommendations as soon as they open the app. Facebook’s content distribution will probably be impacted by the installation of an algorithmically generated feed of content recommendations.

When users initially enter Facebook, the Home tab appears, while the Feed tab displays items they have chosen to see, then a user’s friends and the pages they choose to follow are represented in their secondary feed.

The advantages of the new Feed tab, which makes it simpler to keep up with updates from friends and family, are highlighted by Zuckerberg.