Google Makes Creating Video Ads Simple

A tool for creating video ads and a hub for creative assets are two recent additions to Google Ads.
SIA Team
July 22, 2022

A few new features for Google Advertising are going live, including one that makes it simple for companies to make video ads.

A unified repository for creative assets and a new tool for adding voice-overs to YouTube ads are other features. Simply adding images, text, and brand colors to a template will produce a video ad. Users can also include automatic voice-overs or music from Google’s audio collection.

Also, templates are available for showcasing goods, promoting sales events, encouraging app downloads, and more.

“The templates are made for YouTube, meaning they have optimal pacing, brand and product placements and prominent calls to action. They are designed to help your ad stand out and drive results. With templates guiding you, the complexity of creating a video disappears and you can spend more time developing your messaging, audience insights or campaign strategy.” Google said on their blogpost.