Content Gaps: A New YouTube Search Engine Concept

The YouTube search engine is about to get a lot better. Content gaps let you meet unmet demand.
SIA Team
December 6, 2021

Imagine logging into your account, and using a new YouTube search engine feature to discover that there are searches that you can create content for and, presumably, easily rank for. 

That’s the idea behind a video released on November 25th, 2021, by Creator Insider, which is a YouTube channel that features staff who work at YouTube. 

As mentioned in the video: 

“We’re also testing a new concept called content gaps. A search becomes a content gap when viewers can’t find information that they’re looking for. 

“For example, if viewers can’t find any results for a particular search query, or they can’t find an exact match for the topics they searched for, or if content that they found is low quality/there is no high-quality content, or there was like…low resolution.”

The video then goes onto a demonstration of the feature, which lets you use it to discover search gap queries among your viewers, and also, among the larger YouTube general audience. 

This, to me, sounds like a great idea, because it is the essence of keyword research: trying to find in-demand, unmet keyword phrases/search queries. 

The only thing is that, from what I saw in the demo, I didn’t see volume numbers with the search queries, only a supposed low-medium-high categorization. 

It would be nice to see numerical approximations, but maybe that would be difficult. I’m not totally sure why. 

In any case, this is an exciting new YouTube search engine concept.

Source: Creator Insider