Google Data Studio for Beginner Marketers

If you’re looking for a Google Data Studio introduction for beginning marketers, Neil Patel’s is a good one.
SIA Team
December 6, 2021

Are you a marketer (or business) who wants to begin with Google Data Studio? 

Well, usually, if Google tweets about something, it’s worth considering. 

I say that because on December 2nd, 2021, the Google Analytics Twitter channel had this tweet: 

That Tweet linked to Neil Patel’s feature, titled, A Deep Dive Into Google Data Studio for Marketers.

According to Neil, Google Data Studio is something every marketer should try. We agree. 

In fact, on this site, we have some Google Data Studio and data-related articles we think you should consider (and which, in our opinion, will serve as a great supplement to Neil’s deep-dive). 

One of these is probably the Data Studio article that I feel is the most helpful one I’ve written (at least from a broad, beginner’s sense): Google Data Studio: Google Tweets New Article on Blended Data Sources

Would you like a tutorial in creating reports in Google Data Studio? Google Data Studio Tutorial: How to Create Reports in Data Studio.

And even better: regular reports are great, but why create static reports when you can create interactive ones? Google Tweets About Data Studio Interactive Dashboard.

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel