Do All My FAQs Need To Be Added In The FAQ Schema?

Have a lot of FAQs on your page an wondering if you should mark up each and every one of them? Can you just markup the important ones? John Mueller answers.
SIA Team
January 19, 2022

In the Google Search Central SEO Office Hours episode last January 14, a user that has 15 – 20 FAQs on his page asked if he should include all the questions in the FAQ schema or if it is ok to just add the important ones.

Mueller responded that when it comes to structured data, Google wants to see the structured data visible on the page. However, not all visible content has to be marked up with structured data.

If you have individual pieces of content on your page that you want to add structured data to, you can go ahead and do it. However, you do not have to do it with every piece of content on the page.

This is applicable not only to the FAQ schema but for other schema types also. Just make sure that the information you mark up show up on the page.

So if you have 20 FAQs and you mark up five of them, it should be fine.

Mueller also added that the data-nosnippet can be used to completely block some of the other items from appearing in a snippet, if that is something that you would prefer to do.

So if you have a lot of FAQs on your page, no need to add all of them in the FAQ schema. You can only add the important ones.

Something that I think is really useful though, for those who see their content in the featured snippets and would not want the information shown – in case seeing the information makes users not click on your page and just rely on the information on the snippet, you can use the data-nosnippet in order to take care of that.

You can watch the SEO Office Hours episode here: