Semrush Acquires, Brian Dean Stays On

Semrush’s massive resources combine with Backlinko’s SEO expertise in the acquisition of the year.
SIA Team
January 20, 2022

BIG NEWS: Brian Dean sold Backlinko.

Backstory as told by Brian Dean on his LinkedIn. About 3 months ago, Brian received an email out of the blue.

“Let me be direct to the point, like your famous emails. Backlinko is one of the best resources for content marketing. Semrush is seeking acquisition targets. LMK if you are interested.”

The email was from Max Roslyakov, SVP of marketing at Semrush. Brian says he has received his fair share of acquisition offers in the past. But he always turned them down. Backlinko was his baby. So he was super reluctant to sell it.

But he took the call anyway. Right away he could tell that Semrush was a perfect fit.

Semrush is focusing on building up their marketing education. And Backlinko has a massive library of SEO and content marketing material. 

With Semrush’s massive resources and expertise, they can get that content in front of more people. (And help lots of small businesses level up their digital marketing game.)

As part of Brian’s agreement with Semrush, he’ll still be working on Backlinko for the foreseeable future on a part-time basis. Which means you can expect more guides, newsletters, courses and more in the future.