Do You Know Which of Your Content Is Performing Best?

You see that your site is getting a lot of traffic, but why? And, which pages do people like the best?
SIA Team
September 3, 2021

If you’re not a numbers person, but are willing to take a small dive into the key numbers behind your site, then this post may be of interest to you.

Recently, on the Google Analytics Twitter channel, there was an interesting tweet that asserted two things: that creators can understand how people discover their site, and that creators can learn how their content performs. 

The tweet linked to a ~2-minute video.

The short video is basically an introduction to Search Console Insights, which is effectively a combination of Search Console and Analytics. You basically add your site to Search Console and Analytics, and then, when you combine the 2 services, you have Search Console Insights. 

The video places emphasis on discovering what your visitors searched on Google before they visited your site. Another interesting point pertained to which of your content performed best. 

The Benefit of Knowing What People Searched Before Coming to Your Site

Basically, if you discover that, before coming to your site, a good portion of your visitors entered a query/keyword that you don’t really cover on your site, that can be a clue as to what content to create next.

For example, let’s say you have a site about baking sponge cakes. Using Search Console Insights, you discover that one search query people used before coming to your site was baking eggless sponge cakes. (That’s something I just came up with. I’m not sure what the demand is for that term.)

Anyway, you know you don’t have content pertaining to that specific search query. All of your current content has to do with sponge cakes made with eggs. 

So, you have a new content idea!

And why stop with eggless sponge cakes? 

Are there people who want vegan sponge cakes? Do you see any indication of that in Search Console Insights? 

The Benefit of Knowing Which of Your Content Performs the Best

Let’s say that you have 40 blog posts on your site. 

If you believe the 80/20 Rule or Pareto’s Principle, you probably expect that 20% of your blog posts will produce 80% of the results.

But which blog posts make up that 20%?

That’s what you can discover in Search Console Insights. 

There are a few insights you can glean from knowing this, but from a search competition perspective, if 80% of your site’s search engine traffic are coming to 20% of your pages, then maybe your site is fulfilling a corner of your niche that’s currently underserved. 

That may or may not be the case, but if that 20% shares a certain theme (or even a handful of themes), or keywords, then they may be worth further investigation. They may even dictate a new direction for your site. 

So, as you can see, those are just 2 of the many benefits of investing a bit of time into Google’s Search Console Insights.

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel