Google Tweets: Free Course on Making Your Site Mobile-Friendly

If you want to learn the basics of making a site mobile-friendly, Google’s free course is a great place to start.
SIA Team
September 3, 2021

I’m sure you know that a healthy portion of web traffic is done on mobile devices. 

Do you suspect–or worse, know–that your site suffers from very low conversion rates?

Is there a possibility that perhaps, if your site is enhanced for mobile viewers, you can increase your conversion rates?

That’s what’s suggested by a tweet on the Google Analytics Twitter channel.

The tweet mentions and links to Google’s free conversion rate optimization (CRO) course.  Don’t be intimidated by the fact that it’s a 14-part course: from what I see, each part is not as long as you would think. 

While each part isn’t exactly ‘bite sized,’ a quick look reveals that the text for each part is about a page’s worth, and each part is accompanied by a video that isn’t very long. 

I’d say that you can do a run-through of this course during an afternoon. 

The Importance of Mobile

As I mentioned, mobile traffic is a good portion of the overall traffic on the Web. Some stats show that mobile is now dominant over desktop. 

The Importance of Speed

The faster your page loads, the better the Page Experience. (Granted, I don’t think the term Page Experience was in this industry when this course was created, but it’s still appropriate for this use.)

Qualitative Research

To me, qualitative means either-or, yes-no. I say that because, in this course, there’s a part on qualitative research, and a part on quantitative research. 

Qualitative research has to do with what is happening, whereas quantitative has to do with how much that thing is happening. Qualitative has to do with the variable, and quantitative has to do with the measurement. 

Remember Mobile First

Mobile First just means that Google considers how your site displays and performs on mobile devices, and uses that as the version it takes into ranking consideration. So, from an SEO perspective, it’s imperative that your site is mobile-friendly.

The CRO Course Provides a Good Foundation

In just an afternoon, you can understand what you need to do to move your site forward. There are a few things you’ll learn that aren’t being done by a lot of other businesses, so you can stand to gain an edge. 

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel