Does Moving Your Server Geographically Have Effects On SEO?

Will moving your host to another country have an effect on the SEO of your site? What effects should you expect when migrating servers geographically?
Marie Aquino
February 24, 2022

In the recent AskGooglebot episode, the question was all about website hosting migration and if moving the host location to another country can affect SEO.

According to John Mueller, when it comes to moving hosting, a slowdown in crawling can happen. Any time that Google recognizes a hosting change, they want to be sure that they don’t cause any problems so they tend to automatically slow down crawling as a precaution. Over time, once the system can tell that speeding up and crawling more pages do not cause any issues, it will speed up and crawl more pages again.

This slowdown of crawling is independent of the kind of hosting change that happens. It does not matter if you are moving to a different provider in the same location, moving to another country, etc.

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One practical effect that might be noticed when moving hosts geographically is how quickly a site loads for users. Due to physics and computer networking, it can take longer to reach a server that’s far away from the user. This can play a role in speed and page experience for a website.

To be as close as possible to users, some sites use servers in different locations, such as with a CDN or content delivery network.

With regards to SEO, the location of the server is not used for geotargeting, so this should not be a problem. If you want your site to target users in a specific location, this can be done through a country code top-level domain or the appropriate geotargeting setting in Search Console.

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