Ever Wonder How Far People Scroll? Google Tweets About Measuring Scroll Depth

Do people leave when they’re 40% through? 75%...? 100%...? Well, with Google Analytics, you can find out.
SIA Team
September 21, 2021

If you’ve ever had a long page on a web site (for me, long, direct-response sales letters come to mind), and you’ve noticed that a lot of people come to that page…then leave, this may be of interest to you. 

That tweet linked to a Google Help page, titled, [GA4] Measure Button Clicks and Scroll Depth. That help page basically talks about the mechanics of setting this up.

One Tip For Approximating Scroll Depth

The above tweet (and associated a Google Help page), talk about scroll depth and button clicks, and that gave me an idea…

Let’s day you have a long piece of content–let’s say, a sales page.

Well, you probably have the same ‘buy’ button in probably 3 different spots throughout that page. 

Well, why not track each instance of that ‘buy’ button separately? 

That way, if most clicks happen on the second instance, you know that that’s where people leave your page (and in this case, that wouldn’t be bad, because presumably, they’re leaving to purchase your product). 

I hope this example (even if it doesn’t apply to you) can show you why it’s important to track how far people may scroll and where they leave your page.

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel