Google Releases New Video: How to Improve First Input Delay

This one’s a bit technical, but if you’d like to quicken your First Input Delay, you can get started here.
SIA Team
September 22, 2021

If you’ve heard of Core Web Vitals and Page Experience, First Input Delay is one of the metrics associated with those.

In both the YouTube video and’s entry, First Input Delay (FID) is likened to making a good first impression. 

And in this case, speed is part of a good first impression; not speed of total load time–that’s another metric, but speed as defined below.

What Is First Input Delay?

From my understanding, I’d say it’s basically how long it takes before a page (or server) starts responding to a request. In other words, if you click on a link, FID is how long it takes before a server starts sending the initial data to your browser. 

It’s not the total time it takes to load a page–I believe that’s a different metric. It’s basically how long it begins to load. That’s why it’s called a delay–it’s that gap in time between a request and the beginning of its fulfillment. 

What’s an Acceptable FID Time?

About 100 milliseconds or less. 

Why Is FID Important?

Well, it’s part of a good first impression, and it’s part of the Page Experience concept that Google is trying to promote. A good FID helps bring about a good user experience of the page. 

Source: Google Search Central YouTube channel