“Our Site Is Only Meant for France. Is It Okay to Block Other Countries?” Google Responds

Is it a good idea to block other countries? If you care about SEO, you may not want to block the US.
SIA Team
September 22, 2021

John Mueller is a Search Advocate for Google. He often hosts Google’s webmaster Q&A-style sessions where people can submit and/or ask questions pertaining to search engine indexing. These sessions are recorded and uploaded to one of Google’s YouTube channels–this one being Search Central.

Of the numerous questions John addressed, one was this:

“We have a service website operating in France only, and we have a lot of traffic coming from other countries…Is it recommended to block traffic from other countries?”

The person who asked this question was concerned, because a lot of traffic was coming from other countries, and allegedly this traffic had ‘really bad bandwidth’ and was causing their Core Web scores to go down.

(I think that by them saying ‘really bad bandwidth,’ they probably meant that this traffic was taking up a lot of their allocated bandwidth, which was probably taxing their site’s server(s), and thus causing it to respond slower and hence, the lowered Core Web scores.)

John began, “I would try to avoid blocking traffic from other countries…”

He continued, “One of the things to keep in mind is that we crawl almost all websites from the US, so if you’re located in france and you block all other countries, you would be blocking googlebot.”

Googlebot crawls from the US, so if you block US traffic, you may be blocking Googlebot, which would impact search.

Source: Google Search Central YouTube channel