YouTube Tweets to Aspiring Video Content Creators

Lily and Mando of Lily and BAE shared a short clip where they talk about their 2-year YouTube success.
SIA Team
September 22, 2021

About 5 days ago (September 17th, 2021), the YouTube Creators Twitter channel had a tweet with a short, inspirational video on it.

The video featured Lily Bae and MaNDo Hurtado of the YouTube channel Lily and BAE

They had some times for aspiring video creators, which also apply to writers, artists, and other content creators.

Getting Started May Be The Best Decision You’ve Ever Made

You can probably guess what I’m going to say: some people never get started. They either procrastinate, or keep saying, “I’ll get started when X,” or they keep waiting until something’s in place.

And yes, while it is good to make sure you have all your tools, such as proper lighting, a good camera, research tools, etc., you eventually have to take action, gather your tools, and get started. 

And, don’t worry about whether your first video (or painting, article, song, or whatever medium you choose) is perfect. You get better as you move along.

You Can Just Get Started As A Way to Record Your Memories

That’s how Lily and BAE got started–they just wanted to record their memories and share them on YouTube.

This, to me, is a bit opposite of what I’d do. I don’t see myself publishing a series of articles or videos just to keep memories. At least, I don’t think I’d do so publicly. 

I’d probably do some research and be sure I had a message to share.

But you know what: Lily and BAE are true and authentic, which is why they’re probably a success without necessarily starting with a ‘target’ audience. 

Meeting New People

For MaNDo, one of the most amazing things is meeting new people, such as subscribers and other influencers. 

I would guess that if you publish a lot of influential or funny content, you meet a lot of people who are positively affected by you. And, that can be great: you know that there are people who appreciate your content, and that appreciation compels you to keep going.

Just Stay True to Yourself, and Make Sure It’s True

That’s a bit of advice from MaNDo: whatever you publish, stay true to yourself, and make sure if you say something, that it’s true. 

Truth is a solid foundation.

If you’re looking to get started creating, whether it be videos, writing, singing, art, or some other form of expression, do exactly that: get started. 

Source: YouTube Creators Twitter channel.