Google Tweets 5-Pillar Approach to Holistic Marketing Measurement

Want to gather data while respecting privacy? Here are 5 things to keep in mind.
SIA Team
September 23, 2021

Google recently tweeted about the seemingly never-ending topics of privacy and data:

The tweet linked to a page titled, How to Think About Building a Marketing Measurement Plan, which had the video below. 

The video is hosted by Nacia Walsh. Karen Stocks, Google’s Managing Director of Global Measurement, relays a 5-pillar strategy for going about building a marketing measurement plan. 

The 5 pillars are:

Pillar 1: First-Party Data

This pertains to data you gather via direct consumer relationships. I think this is more about surveys and communicating with consumers, rather than ‘hard’ data having to do with numbers. 

Pillar 2: Cross-Platform Tools

You want to communicate across multiple platforms. However, this comes with a challenge: it makes data-gathering a bit more challenging. That’s why you may need a cross-platform analytic solution. 

Pillar 3: Transparency

You want to be transparent with how you use people’s data, as well as what data you use. When explaining this (ie: on your Privacy Policy page), be sure to use clear, non-jargon language.

Pillar 4: Model Data

Here, Karen uses the term conversion modeling. 

Basically, with more restrictions on cookies and data-gathering, there may be gaps in the information available to marketers. That’s where conversion modeling comes in. 

Pillar 5: Cloud-Based Solution

Because people want more personalized experiences, marketers are bringing their first-party data together in a cloud solution.

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel.