Facebook’s Popularity Declines as YouTube overtakes it in the Eyes of Teenagers

According to a recent survey, fewer US teenagers are using Facebook as their preferences are shifting toward TikTok and YouTube.
SIA Team
August 13, 2022

Facebook usage among American teenagers aged 13 to 17 is declining, according to a Pew Research Center survey, as more of them are turning to social networking apps that focus on videos.

In a similar study conducted in 2015, 71% of US teenagers reported using Facebook; by 2022, that number had decreased to 32%.

Although neither app is at the top of the list, TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat all surpass Facebook in terms of popularity among US teenagers, YouTube, which is used by 95% of American teenagers, holds the top rank.

Other online platforms that made it to the top are, TikTok (67%), Instagram (62%), Snapchat (59%)

Facebook (32%), Twitter (23%), Twitch (20%), WhatsApp (17%), Reddit (14%) and Tumblr (5%).

Results of the Pew Research Center poll can help companies and marketers target the current generation of web users.