Automating Small Business Advertising With Meta

In order to assist advertisers get more out of their advertising budgets, Meta is releasing new AI and automation solutions.
SIA Team
August 14, 2022

To assist small business advertisers in utilizing automation and AI advancements, Meta is releasing new tools.

Small companies can now make use of Meta’s Advantage+ advertising technologies while creating an advertisement through a Facebook page through an Ads created using Advantage+ creative will automatically change to suit the viewer. Users will be shown by Meta which version of the advertisement they are most likely to reply to.

“In a study of 15 A/B tests2 , we discovered that Advantage+ shopping campaigns drove 12% lower cost per purchase conversion compared to advertisers’ Business as Usual (BAU) ads. With these savings, businesses can reinvest in their marketing strategies and drive customer acquisition and sales more efficiently.” Meta said in their blog post on August 10, 2022.

Businesses may more efficiently target ads to the right customers thanks to advantageous audiences. The information on the company’s Facebook page will be used by Meta to generate tailored audiences for advertising adverts.

Meanwhile, adversaries could only use Advantage+, Meta’s most sophisticated AI and automation product, with full-fledged campaigns. It will now be utilized for displaying single adverts.

Furthemore, Meta is also giving Advantage+ an upgrade by adding new features for app marketing, retail campaigns, and more.