Users May Now Use Google Lens on Desktop Chrome to Search Google Images

With the help of computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Google Lens is an image recognition tool that displays to users relevant images, products, and more. It was first available on Pixel phones, but it quickly extended to Android and incorporated itself into the home screen search bar.
SIA Team
August 14, 2022

Recently, Google also started showing up as a search option in Google Image Search, in addition to being accessible through the Side Panel on ChromeOS and the Chrome browser. Users may now notice a new Lens icon in Google’s well-known four primary colors on the desktop, situated between the search icon and the microphone, as shown in the image below.

When users click the Lens icon, the following box appears, allowing them to drag and drop any image to upload or use the built-in file picker to select one from their local storage by clicking the “upload a file” option. To provide them even more possibilities for image sources, below that is a box labeled “Past image link” with a search button.

After selecting a picture and clicking “Search,” they will be greeted by the well-known Google Lens desktop web interface, which the firm just ported from mobile when it introduced Lens via the contextual menu in Chrome. 

While using Lens will give users more ways to uncover helpful material, such as things to buy, searching for photos using keywords will still give them a conventional image search results page. However, since only link returning techniques, not sophisticated image recognition, were being used, the information that users could learn about it was severely constrained.