Google Updates its Search Engine to Use a New Item Classification Scheme

Google reports that the transition of Search Console properties to the new item categorization is now complete.
SIA Team
August 15, 2022

Google completes the transition of all Search Console properties to the new, more straightforward classification scheme.

Google started this initiative two months ago to assist Search Console users in concentrating more on important concerns. Google Search Console no longer organizes URLs or objects at the top level by three or more status categories in order to achieve that goal.

Prior to this announcement, Search Console reported categorized URLs with labels such as Valid, Warning, and Error. Items that have been reported to Search Console are categorized into two statuses to show whether they are valid or invalid.

It is said that valid denotes the absence of any important issues particular to the report, whereas invalid denotes the existence of crucial issues (but may still contain warnings). By report type, different consequences for the new valid and invalid identifiers apply. Google explains what this means for each affected report.