Google Ads Launch Performance Max Upgrade Tool

To help advertisers upgrade their own Local and Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max, Google is releasing a tool.
SIA Team
August 24, 2022

A solution that enables marketers to automatically upgrade some Smart Shopping and Local Campaigns to Performance Max is now available through Google Ads.

Google announced earlier this year that Smart Shopping and Local campaigns would be discontinued because Performance Max provides the same fundamental capabilities.

To use this service, users can use Google’s self-upgrade tool for Local and Smart Shopping campaigns by clicking the link in a notification or from the Recommendations or Campaigns page.

Users’ new Performance Max campaigns will use historical campaign performance from your previous Local efforts. Conversion goals, budget, creative assets, and bid strategy are just a few of the campaign settings that will migrate. 

It is expected that local campaigns will be set to “removed” following an upgrade, making it unable to amend or reactivate them.

Around the end of September, Google will automatically upgrade campaigns to Performance Max. Advertisers are urged to improve their advertisements in advance nevertheless.