Google Updates Its Documentation For Structured Data Used In Education

An overview of the modifications Google made to the Education Q&A structured data documentation.
SIA Team
August 25, 2022

Google added new content requirements and a manual action warning for websites that don’t comply with the new specifications to the Education structured data documentation.

As Google improved the documentation for new structured data, making it possible for relevant pages to be included in the Education Q&A carousel. 

The Education Q&A carousel is an improved search listing that can be found in the Google Assistant, Google Lens, and Google Search results. These advanced search features are available for two very different types of pages; Pages for flashcards and single-page Q&As

“Flashcard page: A page that contains flashcards that typically have a question on one side and an answer on the other side. To mark up flashcard pages, continue reading this guide to learn how to add Education Q&A schema.

Single Q&A page: A page that only contains one question and is followed by user-submitted answers. To mark up single Q&A pages, add QAPage markup instead,” Google said on Guidelines posted on Google Central Blog post.

According to Google’s updated Education Q&A content standards, pages that violate them risk a manual action, which is a penalty that keeps a website from showing up in Google search results.

“We created these Education Q&A content guidelines to ensure that our users are connected with learning resources that are relevant. If we find content that violates these guidelines, we’ll respond appropriately, which may include taking manual action and not displaying your content in the education Q&A rich result on Google.” Google said.