Google Ads Will Implement A Three-strike Policy

Google Ads has modified its account violation policies. In June 2022, a new three-strike rule will be imposed.
SIA Team
April 30, 2022

Google announced enhancements to enforcement of repeated disapproval violations in response to the increase in ad disapprovals. Beginning in June 2022, new regulations will be implemented.

When users frequently breach specific restrictions, Google will give strikes against the user’s Google Ads account and receive a maximum of three strikes for the policies involved in the enforcement. The penalty will gradually grow as each strike is applied.

Google clarified that not all policies are subject to strikes. It is said that the strike mechanism will be enabled for the following policies: Compensated sexual acts, mail-order brides, clickbait, misleading ad design, bail bond services, call directories, forwarding services, credit repair services, binary options, personal loans.

According to Google, after the first and second strikes, the account will be temporarily suspended. The following sanctions apply: First Strike: three-day interim suspension; Second Strike: seven-day suspension. Your account will be suspended after the third strike on your account. Individual accounts, not Manager accounts, will be affected by the strikes (MCC).

Once the user’s account is temporarily suspended, the user must correct the infractions and disapproval and fill out an acknowledgement form.