Google Advises to Avoid Duplicate Content in Business Profile Posts

Duplicate content in postings is now viewed as spam, per a change to Google's rules for business profiles.
SIA Team
August 10, 2022

A revised policy on content regulations states that duplicate content is now regarded as spam in posts made by Google Business Profiles.

In the section of its Business Profile Posts Content Policy where it advises users to stay away from spam, Google added a line; Duplicate photos, posts, videos, and logos. Google added the said phrase to the list of materials users should not put on their business profiles.

It’s forbidden to post the same image, clip, or paragraph more than once. Even if users are not trying to spam, they could accidentally violate Google’s new policy if they’re not careful.

Colan Nielsen found out about this upgrade and tweeted his findings:

Twitter Conversation

In order to avoid breaking the revised policy, it’s crucial to understand how this change affects the user’s content strategy.