WordPress Gutenberg 13.8 Provides More Flexibility for Editing

The features of Gutenberg 13.8 are the incremental enhancements to design choices and accessibility.
SIA Team
August 6, 2022

With WordPress Gutenberg 13.8 now available, the block editor’s gradual upgrades continue.

“Gutenberg 13.8 introduces improvements for those who leverage variations and patterns to provide flexibility for their users. The specific template part variations are now available in the block inserter, making it easy to add “Header”, “Footer,” or “Newsletter Subscription” template parts to your site.” WordPress said in their blog post. 

Some of the updates are minor changes, such as the addition of a WhatsApp icon to the Social Icon Block. Others, however, are more crucial since they enable template designers to provide their clients with more design possibilities.

One of the most important is a new feature that makes it easier to enter and view template pieces from the block inserter.

This option is intended for template designers, who can now make it easier for users to select versions.