Google: Algorithm Update for November 2021 Is Complete

On November 30th, 2021, Google announced via Twitter that it’s November update was complete.
SIA Team
December 1, 2021

Google is constantly making updates to their search algorithm, and November 2021 was no exception:

Google Algorithm Update November 2021: What Did It Involve?

Well, according to Search Engine Journal (SEJ), in their post titled, Google November Core Update Is Over – What Happened?, the November update wasn’t as disruptive as other updates seemed to be, but there were still some people who noticed things. 

One SEO expert was quoted as saying that Google seemed to be looking more at who (author/company) is publishing content, seemingly implying that Google may have been weighing that a little more heavily. 

(That, to me, seems in line with Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trust (EAT), which you can read about here.)

SEJ’s post also featured this tweet:

Another expert is quoted as saying that some sites had trouble getting their newer content indexed. 

Yet another expert relegated this update down to a smaller update, which seems to be in line with what another expert said.

In my opinion, Google algorithm updates are just further refinements that (hopefully) reward good sites–sites that have great content and obey Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Particularly with the Google algorithm update for November 2021, it seems that, overall, not much has changed (so far, anyway). 

Source: Google Search Central Twitter channel