Google Analytics 4 New Features: Webinar on Dec. 14, 2021

This webinar will inform you of the new features in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Analytics 360.
SIA Team
November 24, 2021

Recently, the Google Analytics Twitter channel had a retweet: 

Samantha Barnes, Senior Director of Google Analytics at Bounteous, is conducting a webinar, titled Preparing for Data Activation With Google Analytics 4.

From reading the webinar’s sign-up page, it seems that the most critical part of succeeding in digital business is understanding and segmenting customer audiences “for rapid activation.”

It also acknowledges something that I’ve written about on this site: privacy, governance of privacy, and the need for analytics platforms to adjust accordingly. 

Google Analytics 4 and 360 (which will also be touched on) combine to give the enterprising business the benefits of machine-learning, scalability, and cross-platform insights. 

So, it looks like this will be a promising webinar, and on top of that, it’s scheduled for 1:00PM to 1:30PM EST–just 30 minutes!

But What If You Want to Know Google Analytics 4’s New Features…Right Now?

What if, for some reason, you want to know about the newest, latest changes that Google’s made to Analytics?

Well, there’s the What’s New page, which you can go to by clicking here:

That page serves as a chronological record of functionality changes and added features. 

At the time of this writing, the latest release date for new Google Analytics features is November 15th, 2021, and some of these include 8 additional channel groupings. 

Source: Bounteous Data Twitter channel