Google Announces New Capabilities for Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Behavioral modeling, conversion modeling, and data-driven attribution are 3 small steps to help take you further.
SIA Team
October 6, 2021

Yesterday (October 5th, 2021), the Google Analytics Twitter channel featured a tweet that introduced additional capabilities that will help you do more of what Analytics allows you to do: measure, track, gain insight, and improve ROI.

Yesterday, a blog post, titled, Meet Your Marketing Objectives With the New Google Analytics, talked about how Google, with its Analytics platform, is dedicated to constant improvements and innovations. 

3 of those that are particular to this news item are behavioral modeling, conversion modeling, and data-driven attribution. 

Behavioral Modeling 

This should soon be coming to your reporting section. 

This uses machine learning to determine behavioral data in relation to your marketing efforts. This data can be directly correlated to ROI-related metrics that are meaningful to you, such as the number of users acquired for a certain campaign. 

Conversion Modeling

Conversion modeling, which you can see in attribution reports, the Conversions report, and Explorations, is basically a way to determine where conversions may have come from. 

Data-Driven Attribution

Data-driven attribution uses machine learning to fill in the data gaps that are introduced by data-gathering limitations. Some of these limitations are a result of the increasing privacy restrictions placed by various governing bodies. 

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel