Google Tweets Article Series on Passing User Data from Google Analytics Into Salesforce Sales Cloud

If you want the benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Google Analytics 4, this 4-part article series is for you.
SIA Team
October 6, 2021

Yesterday, October 5th, 2021, the Google Analytics Twitter channel had a tweet regarding Salesforce Sales Cloud. 

That tweet linked to part #2 of a 4-part article series by Ken Williams, titled, How to Pass User Data from Google Analytics Into Salesforce Sales Cloud: Post 2 of 4.

GA+Salesforce Vs. GA+Salesforce Cloud: A Key Distinction 

From what I understand, there are benefits–and, more importantly, limitations–of Google Analytics and Salesforce integration. 

And, this article series aims to solve those limitations with a how-to approach to the integration of Google Analytics and Salesforce Cloud. 

A key thing to note is that, while Google Analytics doesn’t really display individual user data, Salesforce Cloud does…and can send that data to Google Analytics. 

A Word About Privacy

Now, you may be wondering about privacy, since we’re talking about individual users. 

Does Salesforce collect enough data to actually identify a user by name? What would that imply?

Could that be breaching privacy? (I’m sure there are some who say that if you collect the type, or amount, of data that can be used to identify a single person, then that’s a privacy concern.)

To be honest, I’m not sure. I’d recommend that if you use a platform that pulls individual data and shares it with third-party platforms, that you mention that in your privacy policy. 

That said, I’m not a lawyer or attorney, so please contact the appropriate professionals for further information. 

The Potential Benefits Are Great

For those who love big data and the potential insights it can bring, the combination of these 2 giants can hold a lot of promise. 
Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel