Google Announces the Launch of Google News Showcase in Austria

For those who have a Google News site, or are aspiring to, the future looks bright.
SIA Team
July 22, 2021

In an ongoing effort to support journalism (on both the production and consumption sides of journalism), Google recently announced a new program that will first launch in Austria: Google News Showcase.

(Of course, I think it’s reasonable to expect that once News Showcase has proven successful in its aims, it’ll be released in other countries.)

Here are a few noteworthy points about Google News Showcase:

-It gives publishers more control over their brand and voice across Google’s products

-It features publisher-curated story panels

-News items can be accompanied by a list of key facts, timelines, and list of important stories of the day

-There’s the ability for readers to follow publishers

-Google pays publishers for their editorial expertise, as well as for free access for paywall stories

For publishers, Google News Showcase is an enhanced way to reach new readers, build viewership, spread their news brand, and possibly open a new revenue stream.

For readers, Google News Showcase is a way to find reliable news sources, get information in more digestible formats, get free access to otherwise paid-for content, and follow publishers that they like.

Source: The Keyword