Super Thanks: A New Way to Reward YouTube Content Creators

For YouTubers, there's now another way to earn revenue from your YouTube efforts.
SIA Team
July 22, 2021

YouTube’s Paid Digital Goods offers, such as Super Chat, Super Stickers and channel memberships, are efforts to offer more ways for content creators to earn revenue.

And now, Super Thanks is the fourth of these Paid Digital Goods.

You may be wondering what makes Super Thanks a bit different than, say, Super Chat and Super Stickers.

Whereas the later (Super Chat and Super Stickers) are methods for livestreams and Premiers to be monetized, the former (Super Thanks) is a method for video uploads to be monetized.

What I like about this is that, with video uploads, the content creator can possibly earn revenue for as long as that video is up. It’s slightly different than earning with livestreams.

That means that this can be a great way for a YouTuber to earn passive income. If you can create videos that are evergreen (that is, videos that aren’t based on a trendy topic that might fade tomorrow, but instead, that are as applicable today as they will be a year from now), you can theoretically earn Super Thanks for…ever. (Of course, maybe not literally forever, but maybe you have a statement in your will that determines what’s to be done with your ongoing income.)

Source: YouTube Official Blog