Google Cloud Intends To Expand Its Ai Capabilities In The Data Center

Google Cloud is updating its Google Distributed Cloud Hosted portfolio, allowing customers to use a selection of its AI, machine learning, and database services in their data centers.
SIA Team
June 2, 2022

Google Cloud announced plans to update its Google Distributed Cloud Hosted portfolio on Thursday, bringing a variety of AI, machine learning, and database capabilities directly to customer data centers.

The announcement comes just eight months after Google first introduced the Google Distributed Cloud Edge and Google Distributed Cloud Hosted services. Google Distributed Cloud Hosted is still in preview, with a general release later this year. According to Google Cloud, the new AI and database services found in Distributed Cloud Hosted will be available within the next year.

Google’s investments in the portfolios demonstrate how much data cloud companies are chasing, following their customers inside warehouses and retail spaces, from the network edge to their data centers. 

These hybrid offerings are particularly important for customers with highly sensitive workloads that should not leave dedicated facilities, customers who must meet data residency requirements, or businesses that require ultra-low latency.

However, on-premise offerings are only as good as the services they provide. Vertex AI features such as the Translation API, Speech-to-Text, and optical character recognition will now be available through Google Distributed Cloud Hosted. 

Last year, Google released the Vertex AI platform to assist data scientists and machine learning engineers in developing, deploying, and managing machine learning projects.