Google Expands Performance Max Campaigns’ Access To Optimization Score

The popular feature of Google Ads, the optimization score, is now compatible with Performance Max campaigns.
SIA Team
July 14, 2022

Google is releasing six new Performance Max campaigns featuring the optimization score, seasonality adjustments, data exclusions, advanced location targeting controls, explanations, and diagnostic insights that give advertisers a quick and simple way to identify areas for improvement before launching a Performance Max campaign.

The first feature of the Google Ads optimization score can help users find ways to improve their campaigns. The score ranges from 0 to 100 percent, and if the user’s campaign is graded less than 100 percent, they’ll receive suggestions for improving the score.

Next is the seasonality adjustments that can tailor users’ bid strategy to events with higher conversion rates, such as promotions and sales. When users expect a significant increase in conversion rate outside of typical seasonal patterns, Google recommends using seasonality adjustments. Smart bidding already considers predicted seasonal events.

Meanwhile, users of Data Exclusions can instruct Google’s smart bidding to ignore data from dates when users’ campaigns had conversion tracking issues. By excluding that data, users can avoid having inaccurate conversion tracking data affect their Performance Max bid strategy.

While the Advanced Location Targeting Controls improves its targeting precision by utilizing new advanced location options. In users’ campaign settings, under “Location options,” they can target based on physical “presence” or “presence or interest.”

Furthermore, Explanations in Performance Max campaigns will help users understand why they’ve noticed an unexpected performance shift. Google Ads will provide recommendations to improve their performance, allowing them to save time by immediately troubleshooting issues.

Additionally, Diagnostic insights can be used during the initial setup of a Performance Max campaign to identify any issues with ad policy, billing, budget, and more.