WordPress 6.0.1 Maintenance Update Is Now Available With Numerous Bug Fixes

WordPress's latest maintenance release, which is now available for download, addresses several issues.
SIA Team
July 14, 2022

The WordPress 6.0.1 maintenance release, which includes dozens of bug fixes, is now available and is recommended for keeping your site running optimally.

A maintenance update does not include any new features. They are, however, necessary for maintaining peak performance.

WordPress 6.0.1 includes 13 bug fixes for the Core and 18 fixes for the Block Editor. Among the WordPress Block Editor bug fixes are; removing the font size declaration from the template’s media and text, Refactor which shares the editor placeholder code between Post Comments and Post Comments Form, it also improves the logic for Post Comments Form placeholder warnings, the [Block Library – Recent Posts] which prevent links from being opened in the editor.

Also, “Open on click” navigation blocks that inherit font style and font weight, correct/prevent meta icon prop errors, when resolving templates for new posts, make sure only the main query is changed, remove whitespaces from rendering block core cover, in the block transform menu, handle the no variation case, a Fix JS Error in Avatar Block in Block Library, lower the gallery gap CSS priority so that it loads after the block layout CSS and reintroduce utility classnames to blocks that have been removed.

The update also reintroduced utility classnames to blocks with layout attributes and the Post Comments Form that Add a commenting button to the warning. It also fixed an issue with custom font sizes and link color in the comments block.

The Comment Author and Date blocks have been updated and aligned with the frontend editor markup. While the Post Template ensures layout classnames are not attached to inner li elements. The Webfonts API has document fontFace and its values in theme.json schema, and when it comes to pasting, there’s a fixed performance regression due to removeWindowsFragments, and finally, the Post Comments Form where it Fixes warning i18n.

This update was made possible by the efforts of over 50 WordPress developers. Users are advised to update WordPress to the latest version from the dashboard by clicking “Updates,” then “Update Now.”