Google Increases The Amount Of Verification For Finance Ads

Google is keeping tabs on ad fraud by expanding its verification program into new countries.
SIA Team
June 9, 2022

Google is expanding its finance ad verification program, requiring advertisers in more countries to prove they are authorized to promote financial services. 

Based on the successful launch in the United Kingdom, Google is expanding the verification program to new markets, beginning with Australia, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Verification provides an additional layer of protection against financial fraud, assisting in ensuring that people are not duped when they click on search ads. 

Google first launched this program in the United Kingdom in September 2021, which has reportedly resulted in a significant decrease in advertisements promoting fraudulent services.

Advertisers in the aforementioned markets will have to take two additional steps before running ads promoting financial services.

User’s will be required to show a proof of authorization from their respective financial services regulator, and participate in Google’s advertiser verification program. 

This policy goes into effect on August 30, and advertisers can apply for verification beginning in late June.