“In the Google Index Coverage Report, Is There a Way to Validate Our Fixes?” Google Responds

If the Google Index Coverage Report in Google Search Console shows an error, and you fix it, do you need to validate it?
SIA Team
November 22, 2021

Have you ever seen something questionable in your Google Index Coverage Report, and wanted to ask someone about it?

Maybe you went to a forum, but didn’t find any solid answers.

Well, Google often runs what are called Office-Hours, which are recorded Q&A sessions where webmasters and SEO professionals can ask a Googler about things pertaining to some aspect of Google. You can subscribe to the Google Search Central channel on YouTube and watch out for notifications pertaining to upcoming calls.

I’ve seen that these are run in English, German, and Japanese, and there are JavaScript-oriented and SEO-oriented Office-Hours. (There may be others, but those are the ones that I’ve seen.)

Google Asked About Notification in Google Index Coverage Report

During the November 19th English SEO Office-Hours, at around the 3-minute, 56-second mark, Google’s John Mueller was asked about a redirect error that a user had seen in their Google Search Console account. (Video queued below.)

So, the user saw a ‘not indexed’ notification, and when he looked further, he saw that these had to do with redirects. 

The Google Index Coverage Report had indicated a large number of these redirects–like, a million. (Not that redirects are necessarily erroneous, as ones that work are fine.)

For some reason, he said these were not being indexed. 

(To me, this is odd, because if I had a redirect, I wouldn’t really want the redirect to be indexed. Rather, I’d want the page that the redirect is pointing to be the one that’s indexed. Maybe, in this case, the redirects weren’t going anywhere.) 

But regardless, the participant said he resolved the issue, and asked John Mueller if there was a process whereby one could validate that the issue was resolved. 

To this, John said, “No.”

To which, the participant asked how long it would take before the status of the notification would change–or maybe even be gone altogether.

John replied:

“That’s something that just settles down automatically, so it’s not even something where I would say you would need to submit a ‘Validate Fix’ or anything special.

“As we recrawl those pages, we’ll see the redirect works and goes to a different place, and we can just follow that, so that’s perfectly fine.” 

So, at least for redirect notices in the Google Index Coverage Report, there’s no way to validate that a change has been made, which is fine, because as Googlebot recrawls, Google Search Console should soon update.

Source: Google Search Central YouTube channel