“Is There a URL Length Limit for SEO?” Google Responds

Google’s John Mueller says there is no URL length limit for SEO. That said, it’s good to have keywords in your URL.
SIA Team
November 22, 2021

Wondering if there’s a URL length limit for SEO?

The short answer, as you’ll discover below, is no. 

For title tags, there’s been a consensus that the character limit should be around 50 to 65. (And even then, there isn’t a fixed number for SEO. In fact, as far as Google search is concerned, there isn’t a character limit for title tags.)

That said, the URL length limit for SEO (if there’s even one) has been less clear. 

For years, webmasters have abided by the wise advice of keeping your URLs as short as possible, while still trying to be as descriptive as possible. 

And that makes sense: a shorter URL is easier to remember, easier to write, and can more easily fit into the viewing area of an address bar. 

A descriptive URL–that is, one that has keywords pertaining to the topic–also has an obvious benefit: at a glance, a visitor can deduce that, “Yes, that’s what I’m interested in.” 

But back to our original question: is there a URL length limit–as in, a fixed number?

It seems not. 

Google Asked About Whether There’s a URL Length Limit for SEO

At around the 4-minute, 53-second mark of the English Google SEO Office-Hours From November 19, 2021, Google’s John Mueller was asked about this.

The participant asked:

“Another thing: is the length of the URL important?”

“It is not different at all, no difference.”

“It’s good to ask these questions. I think it’s good practice to have some of the words in the URL, so it’s more like a readable URL, but it’s not a requirement from an SEO point of view.”

When asked if it’s also good to have the ID for the article (basically, just a number for the portion of the URL pertaining to the article), John’s response was:

“Yeah, I mean I think it’s better to have some words in there, but it’s essentially fine. 

“Like, for the most part, that’s something that just users see, and when they copy and paste the URL, they might see, ‘Oh, I know what this article is about based on what I see here,’ whereas if they just see the number, then they might pick the wrong one or might not be sure about that. 

“But that’s a user question, almost…not an SEO question.”

It’s Good to Have Your Keywords in the URL

As I was saying earlier, it’s good to have user-oriented keywords in a URL, and to keep that URL as short as possible. But, as this article has confirmed, there’s no fixed URL length limit for SEO.

Source: Google Search Central YouTube channel