Google Introduces A New Results About You Page And A Google Account Safety Status For The Entire Ecosystem

Google I/O announcing significant changes to the amount of control users have over online appearance which focus on cybersecurity and privacy. One new feature is the ability to erase critical facts from Google Search results about you. In addition, Google is expanding its Safety Status security capabilities to new apps and focusing more on 2SV.
SIA Team
May 12, 2022

Google unveiled a few critical improvements today at Google I/O 2022 that keep your safety in mind. The first is the option to remove personal Google Search results that include information such as your address, phone number, and email address with greater ease.

While gathering all of that information isn’t difficult, getting rid of it is. Users will be able to request that Google delete that type of material from Google Search results with only a few taps thanks to Google’s new “Results about you” feature.

This feature already existed to some extent, allowing users to request the removal of highly personal material from Search results. However, this procedure necessitated the availability of information such as credit card numbers and social security numbers in search results.

Google added the capability in late April, allowing users to delete phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses. People now have easier access to this capability thanks to Google’s new “Results about you” tool.

Google is also expanding the Account Safety Status tool to new apps, this makes it easier to check if your Google Account has been hacked. Users used to have to go to your Google profile and verify the user’s Account Safety Status. With this update, user’s will be able to see this status on user profile images in numerous Google apps as a yellow exclamation point. Making this status more visible will undoubtedly draw more attention to Account security, making it extremely difficult to notice when something is wrong.