Google Introduces New Campaign 360 Features

The new Publisher Eligibility Tool and Publisher Spec Library will help you scale while saving time.
SIA Team
September 8, 2021

Professional level, programmatic connected TV advertising is growing, and with this growth, dedicated advertisers need ways to streamline their efforts and avoid any delays in production. 

One such delay is a technical one: a creative asset that doesn’t meet minimum required specs. This can be a time-consuming problem, because the ad operations team has to resolve that issue, rather than spending that time moving forward with their project. 

For a team that manages many projects, the repeated occurrence of this problem can add up to a large amount of time resolving this issue. This makes it harder to scale. 

Recently, a tweet on the channel of Google Marketing Platform announced new features that will be of interest to users of the Campaign 360 platform.

The tweet is linked to a blog post, the title of which is Faster video campaigns with Campaign Manager 360

This article announced two tools to help address the problem described above. The two tools are the Publisher Eligibility Tool and Publisher Spec Library. 

Publisher Eligibility Tool: Ensuring Minimum Requirements Are Met

Before the Publisher Eligibility Tool, validating that the creative met minimum requirements could be a time-consuming process. 

Well…no more (or, at least, not as much). 

The Publisher Eligibility Tool helps to ensure that minimum requirements are met. In a way, it helps you identify potential issues before they become a surprise. 

Publisher Spec Library: Reduced Manual Work

Without the Publisher Spec Library, you’d have to do some work to convert file formats to meet publisher specifications. 

With the Publisher Spec Library, there’s less work to do in this area. Campaign Manager 360 will automatically work to set transcodes and ensure files meet publisher specifications. 

If you’re a customer of Campaign Manager 360, these two tools should be a welcome addition to your growing video marketing toolkit. 

Source: Google Marketing Platform Twitter channel