Google Page Experience Scoring Updates Revealed At SEODay

The Google Search Advocate, John Mueller has talked about core algorithm changes, Search Console, and other updates during the SEODay 2022.
SIA Team
June 26, 2022

It is said that the impact of page experience on search engine rankings and changes to how the search engine scores sites is a factor when it comes to ranking, according to Google Search Advocate John Mueller.

“This is not a tie-breaker,” Mueller said. “It won’t make or break your website in terms of search, but it is a factor that comes into play in regards to ranking between different results.” He added in an online session on during SEODay 2022, 

Currently, Google bases desktop search results on a site’s desktop experience – and mobile search results on a site’s mobile experience – as one of the changes revealed.

Muller also talked about the three main metrics that the search engine uses to determine experience scores: largest contentful paint (LCP), first input delay (FID), and cumulative layout shift (CLS).

Google has also introduced a new page experience metric called “interactivity to next page,” abbreviated as INP.

INP was first announced by Google at I/O 2022, and while Mueller was clear that it is not a direct ranking factor, he mentioned INP as something that may play a role in the future.

Mueller spent the first half of his presentation talking about the advantages of Search Console Insights. Users can generate custom reports and get a different perspective on the data by using Search Console data in conjunction with analytics.

He mentioned BigQuery and Data Studio specifically as “a way of connecting different data sources together and creating really fancy reports.”

Mueller also stated that Google is working on expanding its Search Console APIs, which will allow users to connect these APIs to code on their websites.