Google Rank And SERP Rumblings Happening

This update is unconfirmed by Google but SEOs and tracking tools support it.
SIA Team
January 20, 2022

This update is not yet confirmed by Google. But SEOs and tracking tools show some shakeups are happening.

A discussion at WebmasterWorld started up as people noticed some mobile and desktop shakeups.

Here’s what one user is reporting:
Massive fluctuations again this morning. In our affiliate niche, we have a lot of high DA newspaper and blog sites with ‘Top 10 listings’ outranking dedicated affiliate sites. The Herald, The Scotsman, The Denver Post, The Mercury News all appear. A few previously top 10 sites have just been kicked into the long grass – pages 4 and 5.

And another one:
On my side, I see drops in the last two days and today the drop is getting even bigger.

Another user said this:
I’m seeing big differences between mobile and desktop – the changes I refer to are on desktop whereas mobile has been more stable. Interestingly I’m seeing irrelevant search results that dropped into our niche back in December appearing again – this is a gaming niche and I’m seeing UK Kent council local government websites, MS docs about how to set up a staging environment. Lots of random stuff. I suspect it will revert in the next few days.

A quick peek at CognitiveSEO shows some rumblings.

cognitiveseo shakeup

The question is are these rumblings just a normal part of online life or is Google going to roll out another big update soon?

Have you noticed any SERP bouncing?

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