Recipe Schema Markup Changes: Exact “cookTime”, “prepTime”, and “totalTime”

The structure data for cookTime, prepTime, and totalTime has been updated from time range, to an exact time for each data set. Time ranges is no longer supported.
Marie Aquino
January 21, 2022

Structured data helps Google understand the content of a page and by marking up some of the content and specifying what they are, Google is able to show each element better on search.

If you are in the food and cooking niche, specifically, providing recipes, then using the recipe schema and marking up some of the information on your page would be very helpful in showing up some important data in search such as aggregateRating, cookTime, prepTime, recipeIngredient, etc.

Recently, Google’s guidance on the recipe schema markup has had some changes when it comes to the data “cookTime”, “prepTime”, and “totalTime”.

Previously, the data for these three were specified time ranges. Google now expects exact time for these three data markup, and the range of time is no longer supported.

“Currently, the only supported method is an exact time; time ranges aren’t supported. If you’re currently specifying a time range and you’d like Google to better understand your time values for cook time and prep time, we recommend updating that value in your structured data to a single value (for example, “cookTime”: “PT30M”).”

The updated recipe schema help documentation can be accessed here. If you are new to schema, it is a helpful document to go through.

This update was done last January 18. If you are already using schema and are using a plugin for your structured data, it is best to update the plugin so that you could get the updated version with the exact time data.