Google Releases Another Core Update – The November 2023 Core Update

Just a few weeks after the October 2023 Core update has finished rolling out, Google, yet again, releases another core update - the November 2023 core update.
Marie Aquino
November 5, 2023

Google releases, yet again, another core update. The fourth update for this year – the November 2023 Core update, and just a few weeks after the October 2023 Core update has finished rolling out.

The update is expected to complete roll out in two weeks.

Google has also published a Q&A on Google search updates to address the successive updates that have been released this year. Here are all the updates that have been released so far:

According to Google, they regularly update their search ranking systems to ensure they’re showing the most relevant, helpful content available. They use automated systems to rank search results and these are not perfect. They always look for ways to improve the systems to show better results, which is why updates occur regularly.

So why another core update just after the concluded October 2023 core update? According to Google, they have different systems that are considered core to their ranking process. Last month’s core updated involved an improvement to a different core system. Though they are different core systems, the guidance on core updates is the same for both.

Google states that updates occur thousands of times per year. However, they do not always share these updates because many of them are relatively small and incremental changes. They do share the updates when they think they are notable updates to the system. A total of 10 updates were shared in 2021, another 10 in 2022, for this 2023, they expect about the same number.

As for the successive updates that have occured in the past months, they mention that they try to separate notable updates so that if they produce changes, it can be better identified which system is involved. However, given that they have so many updates overall, it is not always possible. They also added that when an update is evaluated and approved because it will make search better, they don’t want to hold that back.

As for what to do during an update, there’s nothing needed to be done for those who are already working to create helpful, reliable, people-first content since that is what their system seeks to reward. Those who are doing so will not notice the updates or might find themselves performing better.

For those who notice changes, it is recommended to look at the guidance provided by Google for that specific update and assess their site and content based on it.

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In addition, it was also announced that a second update is also set to release this month – a reviews system update, set to roll out this coming week. This update also marks a point where in they will no longer be providing notifications for improvements in the reviews system because they will be happening at a regular and ongoing pace.

Including this upcoming reviews update, that would be 9 updates so far this year. Following on the trend of updates the past years, we could expect a link spam update coming this December, to complete the 10 this year.

How has your site fared through so far through all this updates that have been released? We hope you are not one of those who have been immensely impacted.

Read more on the Q&A on Google search updates here.