Google Retweets Reminder About An Often-Overlooked GA Feature

If you use Google Analytics, this may be the most important 30-second feature you're missing out on.
SIA Team
September 14, 2021

Recently, the Google Analytics Twitter channel had a tweet from Kristina Azarenko

So, what’s the overlooked feature?


These are, basically, little notes you take at key points in the Audience Overview line graph in Google Search Console. 

I can see these as being of interest to anyone who likes to journal or take notes. 

But, even if you don’t like to take notes, I’d ask you to consider annotations, especially if you’re doing a lot with your sites, such as advertising and publishing new content.

When to Use Annotations

I’d use annotations to mark the start of something new, whether it be a new marketing campaign, the publishing of several pieces of content, or when you see that your site has jumped significantly in the search results.

In this sense, annotations can serve as before-and-after demarcation points. They can help tell a bit of a story: this was our traffic before we hit page #1 of Google, and this was our traffic after hitting page #1.

But, Sadly, It Allegedly Isn’t in GA4

Maybe it isn’t in GA4 because people weren’t using it very much. 

In any case, if you do have access to annotations, you now know that they’re part of your record-keeping toolbox.

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel