Google Tweets About Relatively New Tag For Managing Multiple Google Products

If you know anyone who manages multiple Google platforms, tell them about this. They may love you for it!
SIA Team
September 14, 2021

Yesterday (September 13th, 2021), the Google Analytics Twitter channel had a tweet about a relatively new feature.

That tweet links to a document, titled Install the global site tag (gtag.js).

What the Global Site Tag Is All About

Basically, instead of having to add tags for each of a number of different Google products, with a Global Site Tag, you only have to add one tag, which sends data to a number of different Google products. 

You can find instructions for finding the global tag by clicking the appropriate link:

Analytics, Google Ads, Campaign Manager, Display & Video 360 , and Search Ads 360.

If anyone on your team manages multiple platforms (in this case, Google platforms), their job can be demanding. 

Sometimes, particularly when multiple tools aren’t connected via an API, there can be a great deal of tedium, as a single change to one tool ripples across many tools, demanding a lot of back and forth.

That said, if you know anyone who’s working with more than one Google product, and each is used in total isolation, that person may be wasting a lot of time. 

On this site, we have articles that speak of the use of Google products combined together, such as my news item on blended data sources and my news item on combining Google Ads and Google Analytics.  

So, in conclusion, Global Site Tags may be a small feature that can save a lot of coding time.

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel