Google: September Core Update Timing Following HCU Is Not Coincidence

The September Core Update closely followed the Helpful Content Update, according to Google's Danny Sullivan.
SIA Team
September 16, 2022

In response to a tweet that questioned why the September Core Algorithm Update came so soon after the Helpful Content Update, Google Search Liaison explained.

Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison confirmed that the core upgrade was not a coincidence and that there was a reason for one to come after the other.

“Just saw this. We’ve worked very hard to keep updates separated from each other, or as little overlap as possible, to help creators understand more. So no, not coincidence we are due a core update but said let’s wait on that until the helpful content update has rolled out,” Sullivan said in his tweet.

This is after a tweet from Dr. Pete Meyers that it was difficult for him to think that the timing of the two upgrades being released simultaneously was a coincidence.

“Hard to imagine that a September Core Update right on the heels (literally zero business days later) of the Helpful Content Update is a coincidence. These aren’t spontaneous events Google just wakes up Monday morning and decides to kick off,” Meyers said on his Twitter account.

But he clarified in a separate tweet that he was not implying that one was designed to obscure the other as much as he was speculating that a Core Update might be a natural, planned follow-up to the new signals presented in the HCU.

Sullivan said that they can’t hold things back that they think will help enhance search, therefore it’s inevitable that some updates may overlap. However, he said that they have done more than enough to explain the upgrades they make, when they occur, and what they entail, including through their page.